Our inspiration came from wanting to build a simple to use android application that we might find useful. There are many times at the grocery store when you have to write down a list or text it to yourself. How wonderful it would be to just say the list out loud and have a written record instantly available at the store!

What it does

The user simply presses the microphone and speaks their voice note. The app converts the voice note into text and sends an SMS to the phone number associated with the device

How we built it

This was built in Android Studio using Kotlin as the language of choice. We used the built in voice capture technology within Android as well as SMS.

Challenges we ran into

Having never used the platform there was a bit of confusion on how to use the API in a voice enabled application but we figured it out. Also, there is quite a bit of deprecated code in android references since the move to kotlin so finding useful resources was a bit tricky

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing the application Making something that works and is actually useful

What we learned

How to capture voice audio in an Android Device --much simpler than we thought.

What's next for SMSNotes

Perhaps, making it a bit prettier :)

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