In Japan, 19 million tons of food goes to waste, every year. Of which, there are 6.4 million tons of STILL EDIBLE food loss. This is worth 39 Godzillas from the 2014 movie (weighing about 165,000 tons)!

We wanted to explore a way to reduce this deplorable food loss through connecting people with deals that they already love in real time and an idea that could scale and sustain itself as a business.

What it does

Simply download the app on your iPhone or Android device. Based on where you are, or how far you want to go to shop The app will suggest where the discounted items are at which supermarkets.

If you’re looking for a specific discounted product, You can also search for that product, or within a product category. For example, if you’re on a hunt for a perfectly good sashimi for a discounted price (show image of sashimi popping up in a map) You know where to pop in on your way home from work :)

Based off the data we accumulate of the supermarkets You can also tap on your favourite supermarket and learn which type of items are typically discounted from what time and on which days in the week.

How we built it

A plug-in is installed on the supermarket's POS system to notify our service through an API. Customers interface to the data with the smartphone app to provide real-time, geographical contextual discount information.

Challenges we ran into

The ideation process considering that most of the supply chain already has many businesses reducing food wastage and japanese consumer behavior.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finding a possible and feasible idea.

What we learned

It helps to completely agree on a direction of an idea so we can spend time hashing out the details.

What's next for SHOKUHAN

Discuss true feasibility with less restriction of time.

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