We are all college students who, from time to time, especially before finals, that we are easily distracted by our phones. What we realized was that we needed some way to discourage spending ridiculous amounts of time on Reddit or playing mobile games at work, in class, or when studying or doing homework.

How it works

Shokr is an Android app that allows you to increase productivity by constantly reminding you when you are doing something you shouldn't be. First, the user checks a list of apps (taken directly from the list of apps installed on the phone), detects which apps are processing on your phone, and detects when you are are using a marked app. It buzzes when you first open the app, then shocks you at set intervals so long as the app remains open.

Challenges I ran into

This current iteration connects using the API provided, which we initially struggled in using. The UI posed a challenge because we have no Android development experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to have finished a bare-bones app in such a short amount of time, starting with no experience in Android development.

What I learned

Through reflection, we came to realize how much time we waste daily and the usefulness of Pavlok and an app such as ours.

What's next for Shokr

We did not have much time today to implement everything we would have liked; the application lacks a simple elegance and home page that would normally show summary statistics and an option to limit the amount of time you spend on an application per day.

Future implementations would incorporate Bluetooth connection and summary statistics. By keeping track of which apps were running, we could have something like a pie chart or even create an XML file for the user to view later, all showing where the majority of the user's time on his or her phone is being spent. Additionally, Shokr could send suggestions for productivity apps for the user to download.

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