That game show with the giant replicas of real shoes you've always dreamt of...

What it does

Well its really tiresome to select the perfect pair for urself isnt it ;) here we are with ShoeEye ! We use an NLP Game to guess your style, mood and preference for Shoes!!

How we built it

Techs used are aws lex, Sumerian and NLP!

Challenges we ran into

too many options are scary we had to narrow down to Q&A to exactly understand what the user wants!! Customisation is key in retail and we bring to you your very own stylist with Sumerian!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to complete our stylish personal stylist

What we learned

NLP, AWS Sumerian

What's next for Shoe Eye

Well there is no end to customisation is there !! Next on Shoe Eye we will cater to larger set of clothing items! Customise on basis of location, event and preference of user

Built With

  • lex
  • sumerian
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