What it does: To protect and preserve athletic performance gear with an aesthetic and efficient approach. We used a "U" shaped snap fitting joint in the interior of the guard (male part) that protrudes, deflected, and catches in a depression. The depression is included in the sole of the spike (female component). This allows for tight grip and locks the two parts together allowing for a stress free condition.

How we built it: mock ups: pink foam, polymer las.

Prototype 3d print

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Shoe Ducks

Built With

  • mallable
  • malleable-polymer-blend
  • polyurethane
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posted an update

For this project we all shared a similar work load in the ideation process. I worked heavily on concept development as well as potential integration into current track spikes. I also helped with the CAD modeling and 3D printing process, fine tuning the design as well as developing the final renders. Finally I helped largely on the business side as well as presentation/pitch of the actual product come the final day.

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