In our daily lives, there are numerous occations where people need to wake up early morning, either going to work or going to school. Although we could try our best to sleep earlier the night before, but sometimes it is very hard. Therefore we made this ShoClock with the hope that it will be useful to someone.

What it does

ShoClock is connected to bluetooth on your phone which will trigger to alarm music, which will cause an electric shock within a very safe range. This shock will not stop until RFID component touches the equipment, which can be put anywhere, on your doorstep, or in the washroom. Then it confirms that the user has waken up and get out of the bed.

How we built it

We used bluetooth component, arduino boards, and RFID component to fit in the watch shell and edited the code to run the program

Challenges we ran into

The safe current through human body should be the first consideration, and circuit design is very important to ensure users' safety. It was also hard to test which kind of switch could be used and how the alarm tone could be processed by the arduino board. Also, the program is a little bit difficult to realize, and needed many times of test and debugging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We tried and all components could be fit in small watch shell. We figured out what bluetooth does during the communication of sender and receiver.

What we learned

We learned more practical applications of what we learned at school, such as Fourier Transform and Arduino. Also, we learned how to use what we knew to do somthing realistic and solve practical problems.

What's next for ShoClock

We could add more functionalities to it, such as show the current time and use's health condition. Use Fast Fourier Transform to allow users adding different songs they like to wake them up, and improve the accuracy of the watch, in case notifications come, and the shock starts.

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