As a team of individuals who study best in groups, we’ve always been familiar with the struggle of trying to find new friends to study with. Somehow in this world of social networks, it is unbelievably difficult to do something as simple as finding people to go to the library with.

Although students are extremely tech savvy, the obsolescence of the ‘just make friends’ method, and the embarrassment of telling 400 other people in a Facebook group that you’re poor at math has left a lot of students, like us, is a very awkward situation.

We discussed among ourselves long before this hackathon how amazing it would be if there was a tool that matched students with new study partners. It didn’t take long before it clicked - we knew that it was our job to turn this idea into a reality, and we did.

What it does

Shoal offers a clean and simple way to discuss your classes, share notes, and form study groups. Students can easily create new channels within their college courses to discuss homework, assignments, and exams. Students can also form private and public study groups using Shoal’s built in study group finder.

Shoal lets students seamlessly upload and share files with their peers. Our timeline-based model lets students easily find lecture notes, assignments, and lab documents.

How we built it

Shoal was built from the ground up using a modern front-end web stack on top of a robust Django backend (plus lots of caffeine).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re really proud to include a flexible study group finding tool with Shoal. Given a desired course and topic, Shoal will find other students interested in forming a study group using advanced compatibility algorithms.

What's next for Shoal

We’d love to add a more robust file-sharing system with support for collaborative Google Doc files. This would allow students to keep up-to-date master notes for each of their courses.

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