What it does

random images will show up every time you refresh but only when the time is different. The shortest interval is 1 min. he second page is a map of Westros where the titles of cities when clicked on show an image of the place.

How we built it

we made a basic website lay out and put the title in the header. We made a java script code to change the image based on the current time. The image will change as the time does but the shortest interval is one min. The second page uses small recangles and circles that conatain links to other pictres.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted a specific back ground image but couldn't figure out how to change that. The rectangles were hard to assign very annoying because i had to guess where the points were.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we made the images change. We thought we were in over our heads

What we learned

we learned some java/html/and css. we had very little coding knowledge my partner(Alanna) knew some java she taught her self and I (Ray) took a ruby class like 4 years ago.

What's next for Shmood

we want to refine it make it look better maybe have it look up random punny images on the internet so it is truly random.

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