Sexual Assault, in particular, rape is a matter of grave concern and a very compelling issue. The horrific rape cases in India really inspired me to make an app to protect women against such sexual assault. The description is linked with research data.

This app helps the user to combat rape. When faced with such an unfortunate event, the user is expected to hold both the volume keys together for a couple of seconds. This event will automatically trigger the app to send a call to all the nearest places ( to the user's current location using Google Location API) that are equipped with high security and/or rescue services.

I implemented this action for the nearest bank branches (Capital One's API used--getBranches). Banks are usually equipped with high security, and so the banks can send some security to rescue. This will be updated with nearest police stations and other places equipped with rescue services that are closest to a person's current location. A call along with details such as the person's current location and name will be sent so that the person can be accurately located.

Unfortunately, if the user can't combat, the app helps the user to effectively and anonymously report rape. It has been found that in India women are back lashed for reporting rape.

The Indian government came up with an effective method which allows women to anonymously report rape. Still in its pilot phase, ICLIK, allows women to log a report of assault or harassment while appearing to visit an ATM machine. The machine is located inside banks ATM area.

When the user prompts to report rape, the app displays the nearest ATMs to the user's current location using Capital One's API --getATM and Google Play Services Location.

Women all over the world can use this app. This can be particularly useful for women in India and places where machines similar to ICLIK is installed.

Eventually, the app will also allows the user (only if the user wants to) to send an automatic call to any loved person for a safe ride back home.

Challenges:Having very little experience with Android Programming and building the app all by myself.


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