The thing about "hack the bus stop" is to revolutionize the bus stop. So our first question was "What needs to be revolutionized?" In our opinion one main problem is boring advertisement. This can be changed using customized advertisement but also by forgoing the advertisement area. Our idea is to entertain people while they´re waiting. Everybody likes solving some quiz questions or hearing some jokes but also playing some brain training games in their free time. Also we as tourists would have liked some travel suggestions for sightseeing. So why don´t we do all this while waiting for the bus or tram?

What it does?

We built 9 individual and awesome features. From maps over news to explosions we got everything. Check it out!

How we built it

We used the latest technologies like spring-framework, automated builds, javascript, css and love.

Challenges we ran into

You know, sometimes when things get tough we said to ourselfes: This is not our problem, lets go to a tech-talk, play some games or do something else, so basically there were no bigger challenges, the focus was more on taking everything not so seriously, because there are rare opporunities to do so these days!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The app is indeed unique in its own way, so we're very proud, that it resembles the joy and fun it made to develop it

What we learned

Basically we learned that you can build an app for anything, but with a not so serious approach it is way more fun. We've also build a lot better apps, but sometimes it doesnt need to be more than the idea.

What's next for Dont touch me!

We'll see, maybe someone wants to develop it further in the open source community, because it has great potential as we think! Another todo is to add some basic graphic design.

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