Internet memes, tangible memories, serepindity, discovery. Shirtie generates a physical representation of a moment you'd wish to save for ever, together with a (potentially!) inspirational quote about it. It doesn't try to be scientific or exact, rather funny and unpredictable, using a collection of possible image tags and randomizing a quote based on them.

How it works captures a photo of a memorable moment, uses Clarifai to describe the gist of the moment and finds a matching inspirational quote. The photo and the quote are combined and can be eternalized in print on a t-shirt using

Challenges I ran into

  • Figuring out what tags are most relevant to the content of a photo and choosing the right ones.

  • Using the tags to find relevant quotes with no available APIs.

  • Combining text and images in an efficient way and making sure that the rendered combination always looks good.

  • Some other technical challenges uploading the final image to Kitely and using iPhones as the request would sometimes timeout.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Built a end-to-end app, from the image capture to the integration with a payment gateway (Stripe) and posting real orders! Besides being a fun project with some unexpected result, it's actually a service people can use from today.

What I learned

A lot about file uploading and multipart/streamed request in NodeJS! Also how to use some APIs we never had a chance to use before. And we actually found a bug and patched a very big NodeJS library, request. (finding that bug took us all Saturday's night unfortunately)

What's next for Shirtie

It's live! Order your tshirt today! The Stripe and keys are the live ones so you will get your tshirt :simple_smile:

Our progress report

The project code

Our presentation

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