Some great organizations give T-Shirts at their events. Shirtbrite lets more organizers host great events!

With Shirtbrite, organizers no longer have to worry about swag at their events.

For event organizers who want to provide T-Shirts, there are many painpoints. Even when an affordable solution is found, it typically has to be ordered weeks in advance to be safe. Custom printing is typically complex and difficult, requiring organizers to balance quality and quantity with limited information.

By integrating with ScalabePress, Shirtbrite can fulfill shirt orders AFTER organizers have collected attendee information, which means a more accurate number of shirts to order, and the right size available for everyone. Shirtbrite always provides high-quality American Apparel shirts with DTG printing that allows any number of colors for greatest accessibility and satisfaction.

Shirtbrite features one smooth checkout system for even organizers that want to print any number of colors on any number of shirts. Log in with your existing Eventbrite account, view and modify quantity suggestions, and checkout using Stripe.

Order for you event at (once we swap out the test api key, it's good to go!)

Reach out to Ray at or 440-666-0919 for more information. Site still not autonomous

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