We've always wanted to know if a piece of clothing is a t-shirt or not.

What it does

So, you know when someone is wearing a t-shirt and you want to know if they're wearing one? Now you can with this new and revolutionary web application!!!1!!1one!1!1.

You just have to take a picture of the person (carefully, not disturbing them) and the app does the rest. You even get a surprise if the app finds out that it's a t-shirt ;)

How we built it

We scoured the internet in search of pictures of people in, and out of, t-shirts. We fed this data into Microsoft®'s Azure™ Custom Vision API to train our brilliant AI to know if the person is wearing a t-shirt or not.

Challenges we ran into

Training our AI using Google's API, so we decided to use Microsoft®'s superior system to both train an AI and host our web app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting an AI to determine if someone is wearing a shirt or not (and attempting to determine brand logos).

What we learned

Google's Vision API isn't easy to use (compared to Microsoft®'s ;) teehee ;P ). Azure™ Custom Vision API is very powerful. React is spicy.

What's next for Shirt || !Shirt

Accurately determining brand logos and other pieces of clothing.

Built With

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