Use the awesomeness of ArcGIS Runtime Android SDK, ElasticSearch and ArcGIS Online to create a search based location retrieval of NOAA recorded shiprecks

What it does

Allows easy search, retrieval, display and syncing of client generated maps to ArGIS Online

How we built it

We used, elastic stack (logstach and elasticsearch) as the data injesting and search/analytics platform, use the awesomely built ArcGIS runtime android SDK to curate, display, share, query the data source, create maps, share and retrieve maps on ArcGIS online.

Challenges we ran into

We found out late that the elasticsearch libraries are compiled with Java 8 and so we had to write our own REST API to hit the server's end point. We run into concurrency issues which we did not have enough time to fix hence we were unable to fully implement the search engine part.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud we wrote our own REST API using RxJava, proud we set up the elasticstack (elasticsearch, logstash, kibana), pull GIS data from an enterprise Geodatabase and populate the analytics platform with the data.

Wholly implemented some complicated UI to display retrieved items from arcgis online and display to viewers in a map. This is important as it gives users a small client (like a android) with which they can explore the awesomeness of ArcGIS online with the POWER of the android runtime SDK.

What we learned

Do not wait too long to start your hack.

What's next for ShipWrecked

Finish the elasticsearch implementation and deploy the app

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