The success of the Port depends on ensuring the safe passage of vessels in the waters and efficient port operations to minimize time at berth for loading and discharging supplies of provisions and spares, while maintaining a focus on sustainability. Ship chandlers, lighter terminals and lighter operators play important roles in the provision of supplies to carriers at sea. A mother vessel will often request for various supplies from a range of different suppliers, either directly or through the services of ship chandlers. In response, these ship suppliers will truck the cargo to pre-arranged lighter boats for final delivery to the mother vessel. Currently, the arrival times of lighter boats and supply trucks are not coordinated, resulting in lengthy wait time for both landside and seaside. This “rush to wait, wait to rush” problem is limiting the terminal’s operational productivity. So we decided to take this as a challenge and create a solution for Ship chandlers, lighter terminals, boat operators and truck operators to effectively communicate and coordinate to improve the efficiency

What it does

Shiplly is a communication dashboard which, -> keeps track of trucks, lighter boats, supplies, ship and terminal availability for all the orders -> Communicates to each of the stakeholders on the delay if any. -> Provides a terminal booking facility to better coordinate the loading and unloading

How I built it

Built using Front end -> HTML/CSS/JS and AngularJS Backend -> NodeJS Messaging Platform -> Whispir Hosting/Server -> IBM Bluemix

Challenges I ran into

Integrating google maps with custom markers showing different icons for different parties involved.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The way the whole system game together Devising a solution which is practicality possible Solving a real problem

What I learned

Integrating Whispir to web applications using nodejs

What's next for Shiplly

Creating an MVP which can be deployed with shipping supplies companies or ports and tweaking it further Enabling it to coordinate with CRM and eCommerce platforms of ships, chandlers and the port authorities

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