We Notice everyone has problem regarding tracking Shipment. Specially when they order something from any eCommerce. Each time same eCommerce may have generate shipment using different courier services. So keep track of it is quite difficult.

How it works

It is a extension for chrome. It just take shipment number from user, process it and identify courier service associate with it and what is current status of shipment. It also show the list of shipment which is tracked before with track option.

Challenges I ran into

There are lot of Shipment services available. To track shipment status only from tracking number we need to bring all at one place.

What's next for Shipment Tracker -

  1. We can add Note option with each tracking number so you can identify it by note you put on it and no need to remember shipment number each time.
  2. We are planning to make mobile app for same Idea.
  3. Currently We use 3rd party APIs to get status of shipment. In future we are planning to have it on our board.
  4. Once we are ready with our own APIs with group of courier services we will provide solution to integrate multiple shipping method in just one integration.

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