Several times we have found ourselves inveting a large amount of time in a project only to leave it a few weeks down the line for something shinier, leaving a trail of abandoned projects that could have been so much more had we continued working one them. This projects aims to force ourselves to finish and release projects in order to prevent that issue.

What it does

After submitting a new project to a smart contract hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, a variable amount of your funds get locked. These can only be released if the original owner proves that he has released the project in question while meeting the deadline. The fact that all of this logic runs as a smart contract allows for it to be completely auditable and prevents any possible corruption from the original devs (as the code is immutable and we have no control over it), while setting the rules for getting back the money in stone. Given that people usually have a very hard time predicting how long a project will last, we introduced a machine learning model which uses neural networks to predict how long your project should take using your experience in similar projects and other data scrapped off github.

How we built it

Ethereum smart contract + Machine learning using neural networks

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