Predix IIoT to Fight Piracy on board Cargo Ships

Predix solution addresses the great need to monitor on a regular basis cargo ships.

  • Provides Piracy Alert and Protection

  • Digital Twin of a Ship in the Control Room on shore

  • Fleet Management, including position, Real-Time Data, and Periodic Data Sync

  • Alerts sent out when Control Room stops hearing from on-board Predix machines

  • Business worth $120M to Somali Pirates

  • Costs the consumer $3.3B

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posted an update

Please use the above url to start the ship twin app.

Able to see position of vessels on a map. This uses the intelligent-mapping api from Predix. Although we are short of enabling certain additional functionalities like updating icon styling based on ship status or , it can be seen how Predix can be extended with historical vessel position tracking, along with augmenting data from various data sources like : weather data, live piracy activity feed, meteorological data etc.

Ships can stay safe by rerouting around problem areas and fleet managers are able to monitor vessel position. Piracy is a teething problem in the seas. It is common for pirates to board a vessel and remove power supply thus disabling all communication services, before ship crew can take any action. The shore side Predix servers could alert users if they don't hear from the ship for a certain period of time. The demo uses twilio api to send out an sms. Start/ Stop data ingestion to receive SMS alert on mobile. This indicates that a ship is in trouble when the shore side doesn't hear from it for a long time. simulate by starting/stopping using postman with header "application/json" at url : This could further be augmented with as an example, a raspberry pi which hooked to a satellite phone in an inaccessible location, which starts sending positions periodically.

Remote data acquisition and monitoring provides for improving safety, operational efficiency and reducing overall operational cost. Crew can obtain decision support using on board analytics for trim optimsation, engine maintenance etc along with fleet managers being able to monitor large fleets with intelligent assist.

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