ShiftSwap is a shift management service that allows employees to easily keep track of their work schedules and also provides a simple medium for swapping shifts with their fellow coworkers. The manager first accesses our website to set up an account for a company, and then can create work schedules for each employee through an interactive calendar.

Each employee that the manager adds will receive an email/text notification with their login key for their ShiftSwap account (We used Twilio and mongoDB APIs for this feature). The employee can use their ShiftSwap app on their iPhone or Android, or can access it via the browser as well. The application has four pages – the first page contains their work schedule, providing both a daily and weekly view. The second page is a shift swap request page, which contains a list of swap requests from their coworkers, as well as a list of their own pending requests. The third page contains a list of all the company’s employees, and by clicking on an employee the user can view their work schedules and request a shift swap if they need one. The last page contains basic information about the user and allows them to disconnect from the app if needed.

This application will accomplish our goals of providing an easy medium for users to access their work schedules and get their shifts covered when necessary. Instead of relying on paper schedules employees will be able to access their work calendars on their phones and computers, and they will be able to easily trade shifts via the application rather than calling various members of the company in order to ensure certain work schedules are covered.

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