Coming from a group with each member having a part-time job, we found it to be a hassle to go through the complicated process of having to ask for shift replacements when we're unable to work a shift.

What it does

Shifter simplifies this process by providing a direct and convenient platform for filling unfilled shifts. Whenever you need a shift filled, you can go onto the Shifter app or website to request a shift replacement. An SMS message is instantly sent to available employees telling them of your shift time, date, and location. If you ever accept to cover a shift, an SMS message regarding the updated schedule is instantly sent to you and the individual requesting for a shift coverage.

How we built it

We began with a concept to tackle the inefficiency of the work shift replacement system. We designed a mock-up of the website and other info-graphics using Google Slides. Half of the team focused on front-end development with HTML 5 and CSS, while the other half focused on back-end development with Javascript, Jade, and incorporating APIs.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge that we overcame in building this product is learning a new web framework from scratch. What made it especially hard was that it was different from all other frameworks we had experience from which resulted in many hours of frustration and documentation reading. Finally, another major challenge was staying productive due to the length of the hackathon One strategy we employed to regularly take naps to maintain focus.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have efficiently learned new programming languages, created a functional product with an aesthetically pleasing UI and UX, and effectively worked together as a team.

What we learned

We learned new programming languages, how APIs are incorporated into code, as well as the exhilaration of hackathons.

What's next for Shifter

We hope to implement Shifter into the work environment in the near future, providing efficient service for employers and employees alike. Licensing our product to other businesses will lead to greater business ventures.

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