• Did you know that 80 percent of serious medical errors traced back to communication breakdowns?
  • Lack of good communication practices between patients and nurses have the potential of compromising the quality of care and patient safety. Studies have shown that implementation of proper nurse shift-to-shift reports results in improved patient experience and nurse satisfaction. However, a vast majority of hospitals still conduct the shift-to-shift reports on paper, facilitating an environment where unnecessary and unclear information is given and critical information goes missing. We are a team of students set on eliminating preventable medical errors through a precise and efficient application that digitizes nursing change of shift reports.

What it does

  • ShiftAssist is a transformative approach to patient-safety. A nurse-centred application digitizes and organizes shift-to-shift reports, allowing patient information to be collected, modified and transferred accurately and efficiently. Consequently, the risk of medication errors and sentinel events is dramatically reduced while nurses feel less distracted and anxious about minor errors. ShiftAssist utilizes machine learning in the form of NLP through IBM Watson in order to automate information-collecting with nurses through a chatbot. The chatbot allows patients to work directly with their nurses, making them aware of the shift changes, and involving them in crucial steps of their healthcare experience. By and large ShiftAssist increases patients’ satisfaction, improves the nurse-patient relationship, accelerates discharge time, strengthens teamwork and leads to better nurse accountability and prioritization.

How we built it

  • IBM Watson chatbot to collect and organize patient data
  • MongoDB to host patient data
  • Node.js, Express, and React to serve the application

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

  • Building a full-stack solution with a tangible use case in the medical industry
  • Utilizing NLP to effectively divert workload from nurses
  • Developing a flexible but simple schema for digitizing patient information

Built with

  • Node.js, Express, IBM Watson, MongoDB, React, Heroku, GraphQL

What's Next for ShiftAssist

  • LOINC-compliance
  • Multi-language support
  • NFC support for quick shift transfers

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