We we're inspired to create this project after noticing faults in the easy of shift management.

What it does

With everyday events and responsibilities being our constant reality, it’s important to keep things organized. These days, work plays a significant role in many of our lives. Shift-E makes keeping track of your work schedule as easy as can be. Shift-E has the capability to keep track of your shifts throughout the week, release shifts for someone to pick up, and of course, pick up shifts for you to work!

Shift-E is very easy to use and will make your life simpler and easier. In addition, Shift-E has a companion webapp, which can be a convenient tool to use when viewing or comparing your schedule.

To add shifts, you can say things like: Alexa, open Shift E Add a shift on Tuesday at 8 O'Clock.

To read shifts, either view them on the webapp, or ask things like: Alexa, open Shift E List my shifts Read my shifts on Monday When is my next shift?

Every Alexa device is assigned a unique ID number, that can be used to keep track of your personal schedule, no sign up/log in required.

To learn more, and to view your schedule, visit:

How I built it

I used the detailed documentation provided by Amazon to develop an Alexa app using AWS Lambdas. In addition, I used Heroku to host a small companion web-application.

Challenges I ran into

Not as many challenges as I predicted. Having developed Alexa apps before this made the process much easier.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing the app in time!

What I learned

Plan ahead! Plan ahead! Plan ahead!

What's next for Shift-E

We are excited to see where Shift-E can go. It has a ton of potential, and we are truly just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

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