ShieldWare – PioneerHacks 2019 1st Place Winner!


We were inspired by the alarming rates of violence, drugs, and alcohol which held strong assosciations to social media usage. As teenagers actively involved in social media, we thought we should combine the realms of social media and technology to build a program that detects threats through weapons, drugs, and alcohol on top social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter.

What is ShieldWare?

ShieldWare is a web application that uses machine learning and advanced APIs to, given a user, track and display data on drugs, alcohol, or weapons-related social media posts. Its applications range from the school to the workplace, and it represents the herald of a new revolution in harnessing technology to create security.

How does ShieldWare work?

ShieldWare consists of a Flask web application that harnesses the power of Sight Engine machine-learning APIs to graphically represent a given user's dangerous content posting history online. This content is shown in easy-to-understand line charts, and social media usernames can be searched up and analyzed; if dangerous content is detected, school or workplace administrators can take appropriate action to help the poster and/or dissuade them from potential future transgressions.

How was ShieldWare built?

We built ShieldWare using Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and the SightEngine social media analytics engine. The Python Flask server powers the app, and ChartJS is used for data rendering.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating the backend seamlessly with the frontend was not easy. We had to learn dynamic HTML protocols such as the GET and POST method.

What I learned

We learned about frontend development specifically regarding the usage of charts and data extraction and manipulation. We also learned about weaving the frontend (HTML, CSS) with the backend (Python, JavaScript).

What's next for ShieldWare?

ShieldWare is only a step away from widespread deployment. A tool as powerful as this, with this much lifesaving potential, must be put to use as soon as possible.

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