This is the VR adaptation of the fantasy story of Shalwend Wargod. A great warrior and leader who, in the face of overwhelming odds, captured an elf merchant fortress and defended it for 25 days. The success of this event emboldened his followers and started the Great Hibernia Wars.

What it does

Players assume the role of Shalwend, flanked by allies Brightblayde and Danjirus, during a pivotal fort siege. The game begins with the trio discussing the plight of their realm and the importance of taking drastic action to bolster the hope of their followers. Through the use of cutscenes, characters such as the Elf Lords are introduced to the player to highlight the sense of purpose and dread that our heroes faced.

How I built it

We used the Unity3D engine and the Oculus SDK adapt the mobile game into a VR experience. Samsung Gear VR allows for small details of the dialog to tie into what the player sees in the environment and reinforces the story. For example, there are magical changes to the throne sculpture as the player progresses. Ross Ehrich, our game writer, penned an emotional rollercoaster, and ith VR we are able to translate those visuals into a memorable experience.

Challenges I ran into

Converting from mobile to VR was the greatest challenge. The core gameplay had to be altered as well as UI and balancing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating the immersion of defending a fortress.

What I learned

VR is a great platform for storytelling. Once the player has assumed the role of a character, the emotions and reactions to events are more intense than with other platforms.

What's next for Shield of Shalwend VR

Future plans for the prototype include the addition of voice overs, lip syncing, and graphic updates. Hearing the stress and despair in the voices of the allies, the arrogance from the Elf Lords, or the comedic banter between the heroes will increase the level of realism and immersion into the storyline. Using more advanced VR devices such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift will allow us to improve the quality of the 3D environment and add more detail to story characters.

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