Shield of Shalwend was born from a stress relief prototype where you tapped to kill and endless stream of elves. Later we decided to throw in a few game mechanics and Shield of Shalwend was the result.

What it does

The player assumes the role of Shalwend Wargod, the realm's greatest defender. He has an armory of several shields and weapons each with different abilities and tactics. Each level you are presented with a preset wave of elves ranging from slow shield warriors to elf giants. Each wave presents a different challenge which will push the player to use new tactics and quick reflexes to overcome.

How I built it

This game uses the Unity3d game engine and windows SDK for MUMT and Gesture support.

Challenges I ran into

Balancing the special abilities and weapon speeds against the elf waves was a challenge. Too strong and there was no fear of losing, too weak and the levels were near impossible.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is our first game built for multi-language support. Currently we have English and partial Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

What I learned

My reflexes aren't what they used to be! It takes challenges like these to build strong teams. Even with an amazing amount of scope creep, the team worked well together and delivered something we can be proud of.

What's next for Shield of Shalwend

  • Online PvP!
  • More weapon and shield choices
  • Archer and Mage elves that stop and shoot
  • Endurance Mode
  • More PvP modes
  • VR Support
  • New attack animations
  • More levels (at least 100 total)
  • IMVU Avatar support

Built With

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