“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing“ Rollo May

What it does

Creates a forum for the youth to discuss their problems and challenges with others going through similar circumstances. Also provides a bridge between the youth and professionals from NGOs who are able to help them overcome these issues.

How I built it

Android Studio.

Challenges I ran into

Reaching out to NGOs to find out which organizations would be willing to support our endeavor.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Spoke to a variety of NGO's and learned about other resources that help children/teenagers in need.

What we learnt

Developed skills pertaining to Android Studio and app development.

What's next for Shhh

Expand to Desktop:This will reach the youth that may not have mobile devices or tablets Tuning Preferences: Suggest channels based on the interest of the user. Go Global: Reach out and team up with global NGOs to make this app available to people all over the world. Encouraging people to go to events hosted by NGOs Create Resource Library: Provide resource to help teenagers to better prepare themselves

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