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I (Sayan) and my friend Shrestha are there in linkedin platform from quite a long time. Linkedin is a professional platform where job related stuffs are posted as well as people shares their experiences there too. The most common thing which we saw is girls are not much aware about the opportunities going on around them. There's a lot people who just don't get a good chance in corporate field only due to lack to proper resources and awareness. So to make the women make the most in the Tech field, we decided to build ** SheWorks **.

What it does

Now the most important thing, what is SheWorks? So SheWorks helps user to go through the job listings provided in the dashboard under 5 main criteria sections (like Hackathon, Hiring, Workshops, Conference and Internship) and the users can bookmark them for later use. We also have included the search filter where users can search or filter the job listing according to the names. Along with that we have connected 2 kinds of doubt assistant (one is with the openai api where we have provided 2 different options (a) User can ask any kind of questions to the assistant and (b) user can rectify any kind of grammatical errors in mail , this rectification assistant is given because in many times when we send cold emails to recruiters or hiring manager, but in hurry, we tend to make mistakes in the sentences so to eliminate that we made this.) and another one is one-to-one chatting application where the users can directly contact with the recruiters and take mock interviews or have a technical discussion with each other. It doesn't end here. We are a non-profit organization i.e, we also provide scholarships to the under privileged children if we see talent in them and only because of lack of finance they are not in the place where they should be. So our basic method is through fund raising, we are raising funds where people can donate (as less as Rs.100) and support our campaign. One can find this donation section in the scholarship tab of navbar. At the end, if some anyone if facing any kind of technical issue in the website then one can directly connect with the developers team with the contact form section given. Your mail will directly come to our email id as it is connected with the formspree api.

How we built it

We used ReactJS, Axios and CSS to build the frontend of the website and used NodeJs, ExpressJS as the backend and used MongoDB for the Database. We also used a lot to third party apis like - (a) Openai api (b) chatengine api (c) stripe api (d) formspree api (e) Magic api (Web3 Authentication) We used cloudflare to host our frontend of our application and used Render to host the backend of the application.

Challenges we ran into

The main challanges we faced is to build the search api and the search bar in the frontend because it is the main stuff within the whole project. The searchbar holds the destination name, min price, max price, date and the total number of people. The second challange we faced is the hosting of images in the cloudinary. So basically we at first used cloudinary to host our images but due to high image size and lots of images, the cloudinary was not working well and the images were loading slowly. And also we had very less time to think of any other solution. So we used a very special trick. We used the server and fetched their images from there and posted it in our database and later on all our images were fetched from the database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We (Sayan and Shrestha) are proud of that though facing a lot of issues, we finally completed our project and the project is working well and at the end we were successful to host our application.

What we learned

The most important thing we learnt while doing this project, is the team work. Also we learned how to integrate the frontend and the backend codes since I(Sayan) is more interested in frontend and Shrestha is in UI/UX. We also learned how to manage time and work in pressure and respect each others decision with proper and valid reasons.

What's next for SheWorks

Resort Paradise is just the starting and it can be carried to a long way.

  • The major feature we have thought to implement is building a community page where different women from all around the world will be able to connect to themselves by sending messages updating messages and also deleting them in later stages if they don't feel like to. This would be our future feature to implement in Sheworks

At the end we want to thank the organizers for this hackathon since we learnt so much within this short period of time. Thank You, Sayan Maity Shrestha Das

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