A women safety app that helps women in emergency or dangerous situations or whenever they feel unsafe.

What it does

Some of the features like Maps, SOS, Voice command, Camera or video, Tips are provided for safety which will provided as option in your GUI.

How we built it

The stuff we used are Flutter, Google Maps API, Crimeometer for detecting safe paths

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we ran into ⭐ Since we have to do it in a small span of time, we faced some problems in backend but will extend in the future. So we have to store List of Emergency contacts in local storage as of now for the demonstration. ⭐ Guiding for safe routes and crime-prone areas was the difficult task as it requires data input we took the help of crimeometer - API but then too it isn't completely reliable and would need a proper backend to store user inputs too. ⭐ Setting up frequency for shakes using ShakeDetector in Flutter. ⭐ Checking clarity of user input from voice assistant. ⭐ Working of Camera feature.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've done with the SOS which is working quite good, the Maps for locating hospitals, police stations are working perfectly.

What we learned

Some special features like shakeDetector package, Voice assisantant are learned through this project.

What's next for SheWalksSafe - A Women Safety Application

We are in an idea of extending it by providing a DB to store the user contacts and they could choose whom they want to call by clicking SOS, and work with some more features additional testing of bugs

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