Whenever I go to gym or workout at home I always end up wasting time on exercise to do next and I think this is a waste of time. I wasn't like this when I was in high school. But then I remember that when I went to high school our gym teacher would give us a list of workouts and we would just follow that list everyday without wasting anytime on thinking what to work on. So I created this messanger bot which I think will help become more efficient.

What it does

Initial goal: Depending on the level, bot will create a workout for you based on what part of your body you want to work on. Then, you can just log your workouts when you are done. If you don't like a certain exercise you can always request another exercise for that muscle group. For example, I can say something like Sheru(my bot's name), give me a workout for chest and back. Or, give me a workout for shoulders, biceps, and triceps using bodyweights only. Or, give me a workout for legs and back using weights. Or, give another workout for triceps. To show your progress you can say something like, show me what I did yesterday. Or, show me last weeks workout. To log, you can say something like, sheru log my today's workout: bench press, push ups, sit ups, and crunches.

Currently finished: Currently I can process everything through, but having trouble with my database, so I can't really output anything after.

What I learned

I learned how to use node.js,, heroku, and postgresql

What's next for Sheru

I want to finish my initial goal and make it look nicer by using templates rather just sending text back to the user.

App name on is "sheru-messaging-hackathon".

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