Crimes and sexual abuse against women and children in Southern Asia are not uncommon. There are many reports of rapes and murders on a daily basis. To tackle this problem, education, gender equality, and establishing a supportive community among women would be important.

Existing solutions include apps sending the details of the victim to a list of emergency contacts, however, this may not be useful as their emergency may not be nearby.

In light of this, we would like to build an app to provide immediate support to women facing danger.

What it does

Only women are allowed to sign up in this app, and the app will track users' geographical location. The app will provide some basic training and guidelines on what to do when facing troubles or how to help out when someone is in trouble.

When someone is in trouble, she can tap the Help button of the app/ shake the phone/ voice command/ or press shortcut button (both volume buttons and shut down button at the same time)/ wearables and it will send an immediate notification to all the nearby people, in a radius of 5 km to the victim, and to the list of emergency contacts.

People who received the notification can view the information and her live location. When the situation is being handled, the app will stop notifying people and will update as per the victim's status.


  • During registration, users will need to read the code of conduct and provide proof of their gender to prevent misuse of the app

  • During onboarding, users can turn on GPS location tracking

  • Users can set up a voice command/ shortcut help button

  • Users can input or import emergency contact

  • On the home page, users can go through compulsory and optional training to learn how to handle different situations

  • Urgent Help button: If facing any dangerous situation,users can press this button & their details including geographical location will be sent to the 100 users nearby. It would work like a buzzer sending notifications to those devices. The nearby users can provide immediate support according to their capability.

  • Other users and emergency contacts will be notified and the location of the victim will be shown, the app offers an option to call the police/ ambulance on users’ behalf

  • Once the situation is being handled, When the situation is being handled (indicated by the user seeking help), the victim can cancel the alarm by inputting her password, and the app will update other users accordingly

  • In case of domestic violence, users can contact domestic violence organizations via the app

How we built it

High fidelity wireframe using Figma

After finalizing the features and pages that we wanted, our designer used Figma to plan out what our application looks like.

React-native for front-end development

One of our developers created all of the presentational components, styling, and navigation while the other developer created the logic which stores and retrieves information into our Firebase.

Firebase + Google Cloud Platform for back-end development

Firebase is backed up by GCP's very secure storage and is used to store a user's login credentials, profile, and settings

Challenges we ran into

Time zone was a challenge, as we have 3 different time zones and some not all developers are awake at the same time. However, we are able to overcome this through effective communication and planning.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have completed the UI Design (with stretch goals) and app development.

What we learned

We learnt a lot about using react-native and firebase for mobile development.

What's next for Sheros

New Features

  • provide legal advice to victims
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