Women find it harder than men to find jobs hence we wanted to create a website that will enable easier access for them to job opportunities and scholarships available so that they can have an independent and a good livelihood.

What it does

We team no way home have done our project based on the the SDG 1 and SDG 5. Unemployment is a problem seen all around the world. And finding a job is hard especially for a woman. Hence our website makes it easier for women to find jobs and become independent. Our website can find relevant job opportunities and scholarships available. It’s an easy to use website. Once you have filled all the details, Our website lists out all the relevant opportunities. Many govt and private organisations provide scholarships for women but most of the women are not aware about it. Hence this website enable access to these scholarships for women. Once the details are filled, our website lists out all the relevant scholarships and one can choose among them.

How we built it

Using HTML, Python

Challenges we ran into

Took time to learn web development, to research more about the given topic.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe that we made something that will better life of women and actually create a professional livelihood for them. Hence this will narrow the Gender difference.

What we learned

Awareness about the problems faced by women and the available scholarship for women.

What's next for Shero

We can improve the website by adding location feature and a feature where people can add and provide scholarship and jobs.

Built With

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