Influenced by the witty Sherlock Holmes, we wanted to test our own capabilities in this incredibly challenging Escape room. So are you down for the challenge?

What it does

The virtual reality game creates different puzzles and ciphers for the user to interact with. It is a test of the user's patience and intelligence. Don't worry, there are no stakes here but it prepares you for real life where the consequences are real.

How I built it

The project was completely developed in Unity (2019.2.18f1), generated apk works with smartphones using google cardboard. Apart from the above, android sdk & java dk were also required.

Challenges I ran into

Being complete beginners in Unity & C#, it was very difficult and tedious to code everything from scratch and manage all the errors.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The entire movement, interaction, inventory system and every intricacy of the game was coded manually. We brainstormed everything ranging from the storyline to the clues and the overall mechanics of the game.

What I learned

We learnt the basics of game development and the effort which goes behind designing a game from scratch. Being complete beginners to Unity and C#, we learnt completely new technologies and their implementation.

What's next for Sherlock's Escape Room: VR

Features like real-time multi-player, setting time limits on the user for each puzzle and building connected rooms seems line the logical next step in our game.

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