Imagine a situation, when one of your dear one is in some emergency situation, and you are not able to connect him/her. His/her cell phone might be not reachable or it might be switched off. You are even unable to track their location. We know this might be a very stressful situation. In such situations, we only have way out, that is, to contact the police for help. Even, you can be in this situation, and you are unable to contact anyone. Now reimagine the same situation, you are able to track the person's location through some normal things, like a hat. So, we thought to build a hat that can track the location of the person. We even had some more interesting things.

What it does?

Details about our Sherlocks hat functions:-

DISTRESS CALL: There is a switch on the hat, by turning it on and off sequentially, one can send an emergency distress message to some known people or appropriate authority. The message contains a map link to the location of the hat. And this action can be accompanied by a recording of a video.

TRACK MODE: By leaving the same switch on the hat, after 7s the hat gets into track mode, where it continuously broadcasts its location continuously once every 3 seconds. Its location data can be accessed from a laptop or phone. Similar to the previous mode that can be made to record automatically and save it on an onboard sd card or broadcast video to the remote observer.

STANDBY MODE: After the switch is turned off hats moves to standby mode where it stops broadcasting. And becomes just like another normal hat.

How we built it?

We have designed a website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. We have used onboard GPS for gathering real-time location of the hat, Arduino nano interfaces with the button to decode the GPS data, thus sending the latitude, longitude, and time to a raspberry pi. This is controlling everything and is also responsible for recording audio, capturing video, and saving it in sd card.

Challenges we've faced

This was our first time to design hardware. We had to go through many videos and articles to get started with our idea. Due to time constraints, we couldn't make the hat more compatible.

Accomplishment we're proud of

We are really glad that we could implement all our ideas. Working with hardware for the first time, and successfully completing it, was a great success for all of us.

What's next for Sherlock's Hat

We wish to make it more compatible and make it more useful for people.

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