We have both experienced and heard complaints over the lengthy and unnecessarily convoluted process of applying and using Accessible Learning at Sheridan and other post-secondary institutions. Upon learning that this complicated process serves as a barrier to education for students with disabilities, we were immediately inspired to streamline this process.

What it does

The Sheridan Accessible Learning portal aims to simplify the accommodation process by creating one central online hub for all resources related to accessible learning. Our goal is to remove this major barrier to education students with disabilities face.

How we built it

We created a high-fidelity prototype using Adobe XD. We underwent the design process from brainstorming to wireframes and finally our end project.

Challenges we ran into

Visualizing our concept into a high-functioning prototype was a challenging process, however, we worked as a team to problem solve together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Hackville 2021 has been an amazing experience and we are delighted to have created an end product we are proud to submit.

What we learned

The research we performed to properly design our product has also provided us with a better understanding of the struggles students with disabilities can face in regards to their education. The further we researched, the more motivated we became to create a product that would help others.

What's next for Sheridan Accessible Learning Portal

We hope to expand our design outside of Sheridan College. We are confident that with modifications to the branding, our product can easily be implemented into any college or university and help millions of more students gain access to the resources they need to succeed.

Built With

  • adobexd
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