Unsure what to do at Bitcamp, I quickly made a friend who introduced me to a single-player, Japanese card game that is based on the player appreciating the dynamics of nature. Inspired by the ancient game's beautiful art, I began cutting out equal sized sheets of paper and drawing scenes on them whose art-style was reminiscent of the game's. I eventually decided to turn these sheets of paper into a card game, and based them off the Japanese cycles of creation and destruction. After some play testing, I finally designed a working, fun -to-play prototype of an easy-to-pick-up game.

What it does

It gives you and your friends something to do, while challenging your logical thinking and encouraging you to score more than your opponents while still having casual fun.

How I built it

I drew the original art on pieces of paper before xeroxing them and formatting them onto a Word document with Microsoft Paint. I printed and cut the sheets out by hand.

Challenges I ran into

The original version of the game was fairly redundant with an unbalanced point economy. I overcame this obstacle by flagging down other hackers to beta-test the game with me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating such a fun-to-play game in such a short time.

What I learned

How accomplishing it feels to know that you made a new game that can bring people together.

What's next for Sheng-Ke (The Tabletop Card Game)

I am going to print the cards on better card stock and assemble a team of skilled artists to turn the game into an official product. I will have a printing company produce the cards and packaging and sell them at local tabletop gaming shops to other passionate and casual gamers.

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