Inspiration - At the beginning of our spark into tech, majority of us did not know where to start. We pieced in our personal / family connections to help us jump into the tech industry but it wasn't of much help. We felt like we weren't as supported in our dreams / endeavors and we want to create a platform for all the females out there that felt like us in the beginning and provide them the opportunities that we did not have in the beginning.

What it does - SheNetwork is a platform for women in the tech field to connect. We want to ensure that young women find their passion for tech then we want to help them turn their passions into a reality by building a network of associates. Using our website young women will be able to find mentors in engineering computer science and so many other technology based fields. The way we get these women connected and empowered is by providing opportunities to attend workshops and networking events that will help get leverage in technological leadership. We also work to empower the young women of our generation by providing them personal mentoring and student courses. Young students need jobs and internships so we’re here to help them get connected to our partners to help them get jobs they’re looking to pursue. We also work to provide financial / health support from donations to make tech more accessible to women who need it.

How we built it - Frontend was done with HTML, CSS, JS. Backend was done with Java. Library: JQuery. API's: Google Maps, Eventbrite, LinkedIn.

Challenges we ran into - Had trouble navigating bootstrap and since it's our first hackathon, we had also trouble communicating with the mentors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - Beautiful frontend and functional backend. Valid use of API's.

What we learned - Project management, implementation of new APIs and Jquery.

What's next for SheNetwork - Considering turning into a legal nonprofit.

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