What is it?

  • A Cryptocurrency Trade Strategy Scanner
  • Allows Crypto-Currency traders to quickly find potential trading opportunities
  • Sifts through hundreds of cryptos and their data in a manner of minutes
  • Save time for both the experienced crypto trader and the hobbyist
  • Currently, 2 technical indicator strategies are supported. However, the user is always free to write their own strategy and plug it in to the code!
  • Backend data handling with python and 2 GUIs: One in Java and one in Electron

How Does It Work?

  1. Choose your favorite crypto as the base crypto to which other cryptos will be compared
  2. Select the number of search results returned and the type of analyses to perform
  3. Press enter and wait as Undertaker uses ShapeShift(Coincapdev.io) to collect data on all cryptos on the exchange, performs a technical analysis, and displays your trading opportunities

2 GUIs

  • There is a GUI written in electron(javascript, html, and css) as well as one written in Java
  • The Electron GUI is designed to be more aesthetic
  • While the Java GUI displays it in straight to the point format
  • makes it accessible as a web app or a desktop app

How To Run It From Repo

  • For Electron GUI:
  • Clone the Repo
  • Install Node.js
  • Install Electron and NPM 3b. Follow Electron and NPM installation instructions to add node_models but DO NOT follow instructions about the package.json or main.js all you need are the node_modules (file was too big to upload to repo)

UPDATE: Github README.md contains dropbox link to a zipped file of the node_modules you'll need

  1. Install Python 3
  2. Install the following python3 libraries: pandas, matplotlib, requests, and mpl_finance
  3. cd to the 'repo directory'/CurrencyExchange
  4. run from a command line: npm start
  5. Alternatively, download Electron package when we put it up,
  • For Java GUI:
  • Clone the Repo
  • Install Java 10.2
  • Install Python 3
  • Install the following python3 libraries: pandas, matplotlib, requests, and mpl_finance
  • cd to the 'repo directory'/JavaProj
  • run from a command line: java -jar CurrencyExchange.jar


  • Creating blockchain solutions for the Oil and Natural Gas industry, creating transparency within supply chains and regulators and applying the use of smart contracts to cut logistics costs and reduce data clutter, as well as source origin and quality of refined products.
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