Each year, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized (left unwanted at shelter) because:

    - costs: vaccines, spaying/neutering
    - misconceptions about shelter animals
    - worry that shelters don’t have the breed they’re looking for


   - appeals to users: easy access to multimedia of lovable animals
   - appeals to shelters: pushes over-capacity/in danger of euthanasia animals to top of feed, sends notifications, provides for easy adoption/donations

How we built it

  - We used React Native and expo to iterate quickly on our ideas
  - For the backend we used Node which made allowed us to write all in JavaScript so that we could all work on the different parts of the project
  - We used MongoDB as our database

Challenges we ran into

  - We ran into issues of planning for the most part
  - Delegation was also another issue of ours and we occasionally spent some time not being as productive as we could've been
  - We also struggled with prioritizing the different features we wanted

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  - We're proud of coming to the table with just an idea and leaving with a fully functioning app
  - We're also proud of the mentorship that we showed each other. Whenever one of us was having difficulties, the others were there for them which helped us all to get the most out of this experience

What we learned

  - When we began a couple of us did not know React Native at all and did not have the developer tools necessary but these people overcame these challenges and have come out on the other side more knowledgeable
  - We learned how to work well within a team of complete strangers as well as how to find a common goal that we could all work towards

Future Possibilities

    - quick donation (keep track of donations, compare to friends)
    - (lost pets option)
    - (connection to facebook api, PayPal api)
    - ability to view advertisements to send donation (appodeal)
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