We wanted to build an app that solves a critical problem that people face during any disaster: Where can we go?

What it does

Combining an easy to navigate user-interface with information gathered based on your location makes it quick and simple to find shelter when you need it. Additionally, with some densely populated areas (such as Auburn) lacking in public shelters, we also implemented code to allow crowd-sourcing to find even more emergency structures. We like to say that ShelterMe is the AirBnb of Storm Shelters because users can upload their own shelters to be listed as potential safe-heavens during disasters.

How we built it

Django Framework

Challenges we ran into

Database Issues, URL Routing, Pinpointing city based on ZIP Code

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fixing a fatal database bug with less than an hour before the deadline by completely wiping out our SQLite db and building it back up again from scratch.

What we learned

Database, HTML, Teamwork, Time Allocation, Planning, Entity-Relationship Diagrams pertaining to Database Implementation

What's next for ShelterMe

Making it to the App Store so that one day it can save someone's life and also providing least crowded routes to nearest available shelter based on the shelter's capacity. We hope to improve the user interaction during times of non-emergency as well (Shelter Posting-/Reviewing-Process).

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