2017 brought upon several severe natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and the earthquake in Mexico. It doesn't look like it will end soon and there are also more pending matters like the threat of nuclear war with rogue nations and other calamities.

What it does

Shelterize provides information about shelters and ongoing events. It also provides a way for people to provide help, notify others are safe and lastly, people can ask for help in case emergency services are tied up. link

How I built it

There is a lot of moving parts to it. There is an HTML/CSS/Javascript base that makes everything looks nice. Additional apis provide alot of the functionality like the map that displays shelters and

Challenges I ran into

Getting our APIs to work was the most challenging part of the project. The map API was perhaps the most difficult in getting it to display simple dots and then more information like name and address.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting APIs to work in the first place is an achievement on its own followed by full assembly of the site.

What I learned

APIs are difficult to work with but once figured out they elevate your program to another level.

What's next for Shelterize

There is alot of additional functionality we didn't get a chance to add like facebook and twitter apis and maybe even more social media. There where also planned additions to help parse through data and display it cleanly. Shelterize was born out the devastation caused by Harvey but it should continue to serve for future disasters.

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