When Harvey hit, we wanted to donate blankets to a local shelter. When we arrived, the shelter had too many blankets and too many volunteers. To prevent this, we came up with the idea for Shelter-Helper.

What it does

Shelter-Helper allows shelters to ask their community for items they need. People who are willing to donate can look up what the shelters lack and can donate accordingly. Simultaneously, shelters can post what they lack/need based on their inventory.

How we built it

Since this was the first website we had made, this project was mostly a learning experience for us. We built Shelter-Helper using React and MongoDB.

Challenges we ran into

The resource that we ran the most into trouble with was time. We spent most of our time learning how to use React in various methods. If we had more time to learn and apply such learning we would have probably accomplished a lot more than we have.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned and applied: React Routes, Database Search, MongoDB, Bootstrap, Github, and React in general.

What we learned

We learned how to properly manage React, MongoDB, Node Rest, and GitHub.

What's next for Shelter Helper

After spending some time improving on our web development abilities, we plan to go back and continue making progress on the website.

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