Allowing the public to help the Homeless through finding them the closest Shelter

The Shelter Find application provides information about the closest available shelters for the Homeless in New York City. When you see a homeless person what do you do? Look away? Try to avoid contact? Ignore? Make a negative comment? All of these are the typical reactions of the typical person toward a Homeless person. In your heart you want to do something, but every publication says to not give money to the homeless and they typically don't accept food. Now you can do something! With Shelter Find, a simple and straight forward application, will allow you to provide help to this person in several ways. First you can just download the application and capture any amount of information and automatically send this person’s actual location to us where it can be monitored by the NYC Department of Homeless Services. This alone will be important to notify the city that a person is in need. Second, if you actually want to contact this homeless person, the Shelter Find application will highlight on the map where the closest city Shelter is located. You can then direct the Homeless person to location, where this person can find the help they need and deserve. If you've ever felt like you can never do anything for these poor folks, now you can. It's your way to help the city and help the homeless—this application is always available in New York City and growing into other cities rapidly and always free. Shelter Find is an application dedicated to locating and helping the homeless, by getting them into a shelter and promoting City ability to get the help these folks need.  We have used LION basemap to create the backend web application to plot the geo-coordinates.

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