Unconscious bias is everywhere. It shows up in the language we use, the way we relate to each other, and the way we make decisions.

In the workplace experience, unconscious bias affects every level of an organization. From recruitment and hiring to employee experience, career development, and management training, addressing this takes time and effort. Where do you start? This conversation is a good place.


Our original inspiration was wanting to find a way to encourage little girls to be more interested in technology and STEM. While thinking about the challenges women face when trying to enter the tech industry, we realized unconscious bias starts early and perseveres in our society. While thinking for possible solutions, we kept encountering a barrier - how do you combat a bias that starts as early as when someone reads a name on a resume? If that name is perceived to be female, or hispanic, or black, or foreign - boom, bias immediately kicks in. Studies have shown that even different writing styles can trigger subconscious bias.

It's hard to break into the industry while being a minority when challenges are put in your way before you even have a chance to show your skills or even talk to a recruiter. So we felt inspired to think of ways to minimize that bias.

What it does

Our website was built to take away and hide any personally identifiable information whatsoever. It's a brilliantly simple way to connect companies and recruiters to potential employees by showcasing a person's skill and what they do best.

Companies can sign up and post different challenges that are open for anyone to solve. Applicants can focus only on solving the challenge and showing the best of what they've got, without the fear of being judged or glazed over. Companies get to browse solutions and check out thinking patterns, and reach out to the submission author to request a resume or offer a chance to interview, based only on an applicant's raw skill - taking age, sex, gender, orientation, ethnicity, and history out of the picture until after they've already proven themselves capable!

The applicant then decides whether to share their profile or resume with the company - it's a match made in heaven!

How we made it

Built using:

  • Java
  • Spring Boot
  • JavaScript & JQuery
  • NoSQL database
  • Microsoft Azure

Challenges we ran into

We have learned the hard way that trying to learn React in one day and having a fully-fledged project ready with it in a weekend is a tall order! Azure also definitely had a learning curve, and we spent a good chunk of time on it. Towards the end of the project we ran into challenges connecting our backend to our front end, but it was well worth the effort.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

At points we thought we wouldn't make it, or finish the project in time. We stuck with it and kept on by saying, we will have at least a minimum viable product and we will demo. We felt this was a valuable idea that needs to be shared! We're proud for not giving up when things got tough.

What we learned

We have learned so much! JavaScript and JQuery is much clearer to understand now, and we have a better understanding of services and how data gets transferred. We also got to work with APIs and how to grab data from different places.

What's next for No Bias

There are so many features to be implemented! This was an idea that just kept giving. A couple of the ones we had hoped we'd have gotten to implement this weekend but didn't have enough time to finish are:

  • A secure built-in messaging system for recruiters to reach out to top talent in a way that no identifiable information gets shared.
  • Company networks where company admins can add recruiters.
  • Companies/recruiters can create profiles with specific challenges catered to specific job postings.
  • E-mail notifications to recruiters when a user matches a profile.
  • Users can see a list of challenges and job descriptions matching those challenges.
  • Users can submit an attempt to a challenge.
  • Recruiters can submit challenges.

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