Shelldon is a voice-activated shell interface for Mac OS X. We used to process natural language queries and convert them to more standard shell commands (e.g. "push all changes to git" becomes "git add . && git commit && git push origin master"). Through built-in natural language commands, Shelldon supports:

  • cd
  • ls
  • mkdir
  • open
  • various git commands

We're working on adding more, but you can also specify custom regular expression based commands to use Shelldon to run anything in a shell (we've added "may the force be with you" to launch Telnet Star Wars).

Shelldon uses CMU Sphinx to listen for the "okay shelldon" hotword. It works great, but due to issues with the libraries, we aren't able to release a packaged version including this feature. We hope to have setup instructions for this version soon. You can download a version of Shelldon without this from here.

We're also working on Ubuntu support, but it is incomplete at this time.

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