Shellcatch+AmigoCloud provides a model that empowers fishers, consumers, restaurants, intermediaries, and governments by providing source verification and traceability technology. For the first time different actors across the supply chain can access a technological solution that guarantees origin and quality standards of seafood products, and sustainable fishing practices.

  • In the US alone fish fraud makes up more than 30% of the total amount sold in retail and restaurants. (*)

  • Existing technologies are focused on vessel monitoring and not on verifying the origin of seafood products.

  • Over 35 Million people make a living directly from fisheries or aquaculture.

  • Artisanal fishers and their families are often excluded from many seafood markets, and they often lack the tools to demonstrate sustainable fishing practices.

  • Intermediaries blur the source of products and value volume over quality seafood.

  • Data collected on behalf of regulatory entities on seafood catch is commonly inadequate and insufficient.

  • Support and assistance to artisanal fishers focuses on improving practices and management, but often ignores commercial viability and profitability.

The Shellcatch+AmigoCloud team decided to partner up this month to tackle these problems through an innovative hardware + software solution. This video was created last week which shows some of the interactions we have had with fishermen in the past month:

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