During a workshop presentation, the CEO of SmartCar mentioned Shell is testing a service to refuel cars away from gas stations in an effort to save precious time. After speaking with Maxime, I reviewed the Investor's Handbook and learned more about Shell TapUp. The company is currently using a progressive web application (PWA) for employees and businesses to schedule refueling. Three of the cars outfitted with SmartCar technology available for the hackathon have CarPlay touch screens.

On the Frequently Asked Questions section found on, there are two (2) questions:

1) How can I get Shell TapUp to come to my community? The site indicates, Shell is "seeking opportunities to service customers and businesses."

A press release for Shell TapUp indicates the service is not for residences and the intent is to the goal is to service multiple customers at a time in larger parking lot or garage settings. As a result, I thought of the upcoming Summer Olympics in 2028 that will be held in Los Angeles, California. Shell sponsored the Winter Olympics in 1998 and promoted hockey memorabilia.

2) What is the process for fueling – do [I] have to leave [my] keys or be there in-person? The company instructs users to "leave your gas cap door open." To prevent unlawful theft and siphoning of gasoline, my recommendation is to use SmartCar technology instead to locate a car, unlock it, service it, lock it, and notify the customer with the order is fulfilled.

What it does

Converted the PWA for the perspective of the refueling team to find SmartCar customers using Apple Maps who have scheduled refueling. We recommend Shell invest in building refueling trucks with CarPlay, Android Auto, or SmartDeviceLink (SDL).

How we built it

Using iOS 12 and higher, modified the entitlements settings of an application to enable CarPlay on the simulator.

Challenges we ran into

We thought to include HERE maps, however, the @HEREmaps Twitter account announced on Sep 19, 2018, "We will consider it but for now, our HERE WeGo app is only intended for use on smartphones."

Accomplishments that we're proud of

App is best suited for TRACK 1 | Green and TRACK 3 | Efficient

What we learned

Even though Shell has more than 14,000 U.S. gas stations in all 50 states, we understand the company endeavors to offer choices to its customers, people who still like having options and convenience.

We learned too late, "please use the Tesla to demo electric endpoints and Audi to demo fuel endpoints (if you are demoing with a live vehicle)." We used the Chevrolet car.

What's next for Shell TapUp on CarPlay

Awaiting approval for CarPlay Entitlement to publish the application to the Apple Play Store.

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