In order to help stores improve beer sales we believe it is important to collect as much data as possible about the quantity and variety of beers available for purchase.

What it does

Shelfie will monitor the bottles on shelves to track availability. Our solution is able to analyze individual bottles using machine learning to determine what types of beverages are on the shelf.

How we built it

Lights, Cameras, ACTION!

We attached a camera onto a Raspberry Pi which we then mounted onto a cardboard box that would act as the cooler unit.

Dominos pizza box magic

The Pi and screen are mounted using a custom cut cardboard attachment from a used Domino's pizza box. We also attached a bright light to the Pi that we have mounted to the inside of upper box.

Taking pictures of Stella

Our Pi runs an application that takes a picture every second, uploading it to Dropbox.

Image capture

We then have a server running OpenCV which takes those images, processes them by taking in the tops of the bottles and then analyzes them to see what type of bottle it is. In order to train our AI, we went through multiple iterations and cuts of the photos to reject or accept the images as a certain brand.

Bottle Detection

The status of what bottles are available is then propagated through the cloud to our web UI where we display how many bottles of each type are in the cooler system.

Beer status

Team Members

Asheik Hussain

Saj Arora

David Maiman

Also thanks to Steven Yoo who was here in spirit.

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