In the time of COVID, finding toilet paper, diapers, protective gear, cleaning products and more can be a challenge. This leads to people searching multiple stores, unable to find a specific item. However, these supplies are still coming and going in stores - this app gives people the opportunity to share what they have (e.g. a distillery who is making sanitizer), or find (e.g. there's toilet paper at Ralph's Grocery Store on Sepulveda Ave!), as well as find the stuff they need (all categorized things available at Ralph's right now), resulting in targeted shopping, limiting potential spread of the virus.

What it does

Everyone can view a feed that uses their geolocation to show stuff near them that can be filtered by category (groceries, safety gear, toilet paper, etc.), if you find something you can take a quick photo, choose a category and set the exact location, then it will show up in the feed for your area. Like Waze, users can upvote when they see the product there, and downvote inappropriate or product that is gone.

How I built it

We built is using Ionic 5 using Angular 8 and Capacitor. For design prototypes, we used Figma.

Challenges I ran into

  • So many opportunities/ideas, hard to find one we loved
  • Focusing scope to what we felt would have the most impact
  • Biting off more than we can chew to build in a weekend (tried to build the whole dang thing)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are super proud that we were able to pull together an ad hoc team of product people, project people, engineers and designers to build this nice little app that's very usable and useful in these times.

What I learned

We had a ton of fun with people in our company working together that have never done so before - including co-founders in there doing UX and helping with the video! I think we jumped the gun on development and tried to repurpose something when we should have waited and coded from scratch based on the final specs/UX.

What's next for Shelf Check

We are going to do some polishes, make this app available open source, as well as launch for web.

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posted an update

One of the really cool things is we were able to re-purpose a community-base social networking application back end for this. It's a MEAN stack engineered to support 100's of millions of users and 100's of thousands of transactions per second! Can't wait to move it from containers to Lambda functions!

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Problem(s) We're Solving: Customer problem1: people need essential items to combat and live with Covid-19 and stores are empty Customer problem2: people notice these items in the store and want to share with others

Solution: - a globally-accessible app that allows you to upload a photo of items found in the store and share it with neighbors in need

Keeps people from visiting stores when items are out of stock, limiting potential spread

Informs volunteers so they can shop for others Enables family or friends to search for loved ones outside their immediate area who may not be tech savvy (think “Aunt Ruth, I saw they have TP at Joes Grocery now and they have Senior shopping hours so head over there before 9am”) Allows stores to post when they have specific goods to draw local business

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Andy Dennis (CT, USA) - DevOps

Cyndy Bunte (VA, USA) - Project Manager / Business Analyst

Deepak Tangeeda (Washington DC, USA) - DevOps

Drew Falkman (CA, USA) - Product Strategist

Fanny Cespedes (Costa Rica) - QA

Grgur de Grisogono - DevOps

Jay Garcia (VA, USA) - Video

JD Jones (VA, USA) - UX/UI

Joao Kestering (Brazil) - Front-End Engineer

Matt Vella (Poland) - UI/UX/Design

Pat Sheridan (VA, USA) - UI/UX

Rafael Bernard Araujo (Brazil) - Full-Stack Engineer

Robert Flagg (AZ, USA) - Architect

Ronny Freites (Costa Rica) - Front-End Engineer

Sebastian Philippi (Argentina) - Front-End Engineer

Tanya Grinsell (TX, USA) - Project Manager / Business Analyst

Vera Ginzburg (CA, USA) - Product Strategist

Welquer Esser (Brazil) - Front-End Engineer

Ximena Garcia (Argentina) - Full-Stack Engineer

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