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I never understood why my sister and my mother never got along. After all, my mother used to be employed in special education, so I always wondered how she failed to get along with a child, let alone her own daughter. It wasn't until 13 years later that my sister was diagnosed with dyslexia. I was devastated. If my family had known of her learning difference earlier, Shelby's needs could have been accommodated, she wouldn't and her relationship with my mom, who always hated helping Shelby on her homework, would've been better.

My experience growing up with my sister is the reason why the Shelby team values the art of finding ways to improve the way that people with learning differences study. During DubHacks, our group of four focused on a learning assessment tool that uses a user's existing internet learning habits to not only help classify their preferred style of learning but to suggest resources that may be better suited to their learning in the future. We focused on collecting user sentiment data through short surveys for specific websites, and experimented with collecting other pertinent data, such as time spent on certain elements of the site. Our infrastructure focuses on a 6-style model of learning (visual, auditory, verbal, logical, social, solitary. The 7th style of learning that we chose to exclude was physical. However, we can see a path to physical learning resources through technologies such as virtual/mixed reality hardware. The three main ways to interact with our tool is through data collection in our chrome extension, or access to your personal dashboard through our web client and planned mobile client. Although our team did not progress as far as we had hoped with our project in this Hackathon, we plan to pursue this project outside of DubHacks and wish to incorporate machine learning models into our software to create educational programs more tailored to individual needs. Our team sees a huge market for this software in the future, and we hope that my sister, Shelby, is the first person to give our software a test run!

Best, Shelby Team

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