• India's Daughter December 16 2013 Nirbhaya incident shocked each one of us to the core. Being WOMEN and DEVELOPERS, we wanted to come up with a tool, to power women gain control over any form of assault.

How it works?

  • Help is a click away SHEild user can setup emergency contacts and integrate the app with social accounts. The user will also have a hardware device(a wearable device). In an adverse situation, user can press a button on hardware device to send alert messages to the emergency contact and to post on twitter. This message will share the victims location so that some help can reach in the fastest possible way.

Challenges Faced

  • Hardware integration
  • Sending message
  • Balance between reach and frequency


  • Cheaper solution for a BIGGER problem
  • Empowering women
  • Leveraging power of social media

What we learned

  • As we researched, we realized this is a GLOBAL problem
  • Different aspects of technology - hardware/software integration

What's next for SHEild

  • Designing proper hardware
  • Map tracking
  • Photo sharing and sound recording
  • Anonymous tweets
  • Android, windows implementation
  • Area rating
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